About us

We are a leading provider of First Aid, Fire Safety, Mental health, Stress awareness and Health & Safety Training in East Anglia. All over our instructors are qualified and experienced in critical and acute care delivery as well as training and development. 

We pride ourselves on delivering useful and up to date training that will benefit and equip individuals with the skills and knowledge required to enable them to confidently deliver first aid in the workplace and in the wider community should the situation arise. We do this in a structured way designed to reinforce the theoretical knowledge with suitable and focused practical sessions supported by our experienced team. 

TD-Training was founded as a result of a recent car accident in which a 16 year old girl was first on scene to find everyone standing around waiting for the emergency services. She checked the scene for dangers and then approached the car to find the female drive was unconscious and not breathing effectively. Every one else that was standing around considered the driver to be dead and made no effort to assist, however with a simple manoeuvre the driver's air way was restored and after a few moments she regained consciousness, sadly had this early intervention not taken place the driver would have surely passed away. This has driven us to make first aid available to as many people as possible. As for the 16 year old girl, she was recognised by Suffolk Fire Service for her bravery and by The Stars of Suffolk, as runner up in the Young Person of the Year 2017 award. She is our daughter!