Moggy's coming

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The Moggy's coming workshops have been developed to allow Key Stage 1 & 2 schools to practice invacuation and lockdown drills in a child friendly and fun way. This session is designed to complement your existing emergency plans to meet the Department of Education's recommendations and guidance. 

Duration: 1 1/2 hour
Location: Classroom of your choice
Places: Small groups (Maximum of 15)

Moggy’s coming is delivered in a story telling setting and features the Mulberry School mice in emergency situations. Using a mixture of fun, games and practice to put children at ease with lock-down drills and to ensure that in the unlikely but not impossible event of a deliberate attack involving children.

We can also provide a separate session for parents and teachers to introduce the training material and to address any questions or concerns that parents may have with regard to invacuation and lockdown drills.


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